To Achieve a deeper and wider understanding of the traditional Chinese myths and legends, based on which create my own myth world. China has a huge storage of mythology, which provides designers with a great place to grow. I attempt at visualizing mythology and folklore characters and creating new characters with my illustration style. I love traditional Chinese culture and would be so proud to become one of the artists who introduce it to the world and contribute to the diversity of the world of graphic design. Ideally, my project would make traditional Chinese mythology more accessible and entertaining for people of various cultures.

My project would be a book composed of half illustration album and half comic book with the storyline. To do so, I am going to create a storyboard that based on the storyline, a  series of characters that appear in my myth world. And also create several pieces of illustrations that related to the whole storyline and whole art style.

Apart from the book-making plan, another way is to publish it on computers and cell phone apps. I have been in touch with online comic companies whom I believe can help me out with this method. 



1, Research traditional Chinese myths and legends deeply:


  •  Find the exact time period that my story going to based on.

  •  Collect and arrange all the myths and Chinese Exorcism, Superstition that I am going to use for reference.

  •  Clear up the potential history knowledge that will be used in the story.


2, Write the story and clear the storyline.


3, Draw illustrations.

4, Design all the characters appear in my story. Make The character map.


5, Draw comic storyboards.

6, Design all manifestation mode that used for my project.

7, Book design.

Draw illustrations:

Black & White



Character map


Draw comic storyboards